MegaMart2 ECSEL-JU

An scalable model-based framework for continuous development and runtime validation of complex systems


National Clusters

Funding (M €)

Industrial Case Studies

The Project in Brief

European industry faces stiff competition on the global arena. The electronic systems become more and more complex and call for modern engineering practices to tackle productivity and quality. The model-driven technologies promise significant productivity gains, which have been proven in several studies. However, these technologies need more development to scale for real-life industrial projects and provide advantages in runtime. MegaM@Rt brings the model-driven engineering to the next level in order to help European industry to reduce development and maintenance costs as well as to reinforce productivity and quality.
The overall approach of MegaM@Rt is to scale up the use of model-based techniques by offering proper methods and related tooling interacting between both design time and runtime, as well as to validate the designed and developed approach in concrete industrial cases involving complex systems. Thanks to the model-based method, different systems will be able to communicate through the entire development chain, and moreover it will be possible for systems in operation to feed back the collected data for continued development
MegaM@Rt will strengthen European scientific and technical leadership in the development of complex systems. MegaM@Rt targets the following main impact objectives:

  • Significantly increased productivity and quality of system development and shorten time-to-market for complex systems.
  • Reinforced European scientific and technological leadership in the design of complex systems.
  • Improved competitiveness of European companies that rely on the design and integration of complex systems in their products by reducing design and maintenance costs as well as the time-to-market.

Our Consortium

National clusters

MegaMart2 brings together participants from Czech Republic, Finland, France, Italy, Spain and Sweden

Industrial Case Studies

9 case studies will ensure that all MegaMart2 has a direct impact on the European Industry. They cover a variety of domains, including: flight, railway and train management systems, smart warehouses, short range communications and camera-vision intelligence among others


Each country brings in at least one university to make sure there are enough researcher to provide innovative solutions to MegaMart2 industrial challenges

The @Bombardier Train Control and Management System Use Case is centred in a high capacity, infrastructure backbone which goal is to build an easy integration of all control and communication requiring functions on-board the train. More:

PomanTeam explaining how to perform a hardware/software co-design at #HIPEAC2020 , a work supported by @FitOptiVis , @ECSEL_C4D and @MegaMart2_ECSEL european projects! Great job @ederstoico @VittorianoMutt !

Second day of @hipeac here in Bologna. If you are interested in what we’re doing in @MegaMart2_ECSEL, don’t hesitate to come!

The Hackathon resulted in vibrant discussions and new ideas that might contribute to the sustainability of our results! Julio Oliveira and his colleague of TNO and Lodiana Beqiri a Master student from Perugia constituted the winning team! Thank you for your contributions!

Our Hackathon in @hipeac has started. Now it’s the turn of @univaq and Intecs to explain their challenge: “Interoperability pattern and Tool Integration applying model-driven engineering and Development Approach”

As you know, on Monday we will celebrate a Hackathon on modelling and traceability, runtime analysis and systems engineering in Bologna, Italy. More information:

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